Viscoderm Hydrobooster Treatment In Delhi

Wrinkles around the eyes can be difficult to address since the skin becomes thin, wrinkled, and dry. Neha Batra’s Viscoderm Hydrobooster Treatment in Delhi is a novel injectable therapy that may be injected close to the lower lid and treats those difficult under-eye lines.

Viscoderm Hydrobooster Treatment in Delhi

The Hydroboost Facial Treatment employs ‘hydrostretch‘ technology, which helps to fill wrinkles and improve skin texture. The good news is that this product can be applied anywhere on the face to moisturise and’stretch’ the wrinkles out, creating the appearance of an air-brushed face. 

To treat the eye area, only a small amount of product is required. The remaining syringe can be injected all over the face to moisturise and minimise lines.

Process of Hydroboost Facial Treatment 

Step 1 : Consultation

Each patient who comes to Dr. Neha Batra’s clinic has a unique set of issues. We also know that not all conditions can be treated using the same methods. Viscoderm Hydrobooster’s deep hydration and stretching effect gives smoothing and toning benefits, with radiance and elasticity in plenty, for superficial wrinkles. 

Your issues will be addressed during your appointment with one of our highly qualified aestheticians. After we have completed a thorough examination of your face and skin. Following that, we will design and develop a treatment plan for you to achieve the best possible outcome.

Step 2: Procedure

Viscoderm Hydrobooster injects ultrapure cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid into the skin throughout dynamic areas of the face to provide intensive hydration. By improving dermal hydration, the skin’s elasticity improves, reducing and preventing the emergence of wrinkles while smoothing the existing region with its dual-action stretching capacity. 

Viscoderm Hydrobooster Treatment in Delhi is most effective when used on areas of movement on the face, such as the perioral area, periocular area, and forehead, to prevent the possibility of new wrinkles forming. At Dr. Neha Batra we also offer Botox Treatment in Delhi and Lip Filler in Delhi.

Step 3: Aftercare

Every patient who comes to Viscoderm Hydrobooster Treatment in Delhi must take care from the beginning to the completion of their aesthetic journey. Including the creation of a personalized aftercare plan. 

We recommend two treatment sessions for Hydroboost Facial Treatment, eight weeks apart. With the second treatment being optional and reassessed after four to six months. We would then recommend that you return to Face Medical Clinic every six months to have your therapy assessed and replenished for longer-term effects.

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